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EVENTS: Join us for a unique cigar experience. With Ashes & Embers we offer a variety of packages for private events, parties, weddings, and any type of gathering. Our Mobile Cigar Parlor will come to you or find us at our pop-up locations.

Cigar Tastings: Join us for a cigar-tasting event. Discover new flavors and blends. Our experts will guide you through the tasting process; helping you to find your new favorite cigar.
Cigar Rolling: Experience the art of cigar rolling with Ashes & Embers. Our experts will demonstrate the process and teach you about the history and culture of cigar making. Click here to book a cigar-rolling event.
Cigar Accessories: We offer a variety of high-quality cigar accessories to enhance your experience, from cutters to lighters. We have everything you need to enjoy your cigar. 
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